Automotive and transport

Aluminium is used extensively in the transport industry due to its high strength to weight ratio and its excellent impact absorption qualities. Western countries use an average of 140kg of aluminium per vehicle, whereas it stands at 40kg per vehicle in India.

Hindalco’s high-quality aluminium is preferred for its superior alloy composition and metallurgical properties that meet stringent performance parameters. Our expertise is backed by the superior Wagstaff AirSlip casting technology. From brakes to ignition, transmission to suspension, cooling and exhaust systems to windows and structurals, ornamentals to accessories, automobile heat exchangers and registration plates, Hindalco’s superior aluminium material is for making the most precise automobile components.

Hindalco brands:

  • Maxloader™ is an all-aluminium truck body made of extruded profiles from Hindalco.
  • Maxloader truck bodies are lighter, more environment friendly and fuel efficient.