Mahan Aluminium

Mahan Aluminium, located in Bargawan, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh, is an integrated aluminium smelting complex, which comprises 359KTPA of aluminium smelter supported by a 900MW power plant. Mahan is on the NH75-E highway; the nearest railway station is Singrauli, 28km away. The closest airport is Varanasi, a distance of approximately 270km.

Mahan produced its first hot metal in 2013; and all 360 pots were fully commissioned in 2015.

Mahan Aluminium Smelter uses globally proven smelter technology AP36 from Pechiney, France, while its integrated carbon plant uses technology from Solios and the captive power plant uses BHEL technology for each of its six 150MW units.

Alumina, the major raw material for the smelting operation, is sourced from Hindalco’s Utkal and Muri alumina refineries. This guarantees assured quantity and consistent quality of raw material for the production of high quality aluminium.

Mahan Aluminium is an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifiedunit, and its primary products are LME registered.

Production facilities at Mahan include Befesa ingot casting machines (125 KTPA*2), O.D.T. Sow casting machine (50 KTPA), Properzi wire rod mill (90 KTPA) and wag staff billet casting machine (55KTPA) to produce premium quality products.

Within a short time, Mahan has established itself as the preferred choice of the world’s leading customers of primary aluminium. Over 40 per cent of total production is exported to various countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Israel etc.

Mahan is focused not only on production, but on the overall development of people and society. One of the biggest rehabilitation projects at Mahan gave an opportunity to more than 1600 affected people and their families to change their life by joining this world-class production facility to make aluminium. By identifying their potential, and providing proper education and training, these people known as ‘associates’ are able to run the state-of-the-art technological equipment at Mahan. Today, along with other well-trained staff, these people are energised, motivated and committed to deliver the world’s best quality aluminium on a sustainable basis.

The Mahan facility is spread over more than 3000 acres of land, and includes a beautiful township with landscaped gardens, a supermarket, hospital, playground, ATM and the Mahan Mahaneshwar temple.

At Mahan, occupational health and safety is always given the top priority. World-class ‘Best Safety Practices’ are in place on our shop floor which ensures ‘No Harm’ at the work place. We also care for Mother Earth, and hence have invested sufficiently in an environment management plan as well as the procurement of state-of-the-art pollution control equipment. We have installed Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant to ensure Zero Liquid Discharge. Water conservation programmes, rain water harvesting, and tree plantation to cover 400 hectares ensure a greener place for us to live in.

CSR initiatives and activities at Hindalco Mahan do not believe in just adhering to the statutory guidelines laid down by the government, but also pushing the boundary beyond given requirements. Mahan has been able to include CSR, not just as an add-on function but as an integral part of business process.

Mahan CSR has evolved our CSR policies and aligned them with the best national and international practices. We, at Mahan, under the guidance of our visionary leader, Smt. Rajashree Birla, continue to strive to be an agent of change in the lives of our stakeholders. We are working in five focus areas, namely, Education, Health, Livelihood, Infrastructure and Social Causes, serving 46,500 villagers under the aegis of the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives.

The Mahan unit has been a recipient of several national and international awards in environment management, energy conservation, and CSR among others.

Watch the video of plant operations at Mahan Aluminium