The Taloja sheet rolling plant is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, 45km from Mumbai. Originally commissioned by Indal in 1971, the Taloja plant is a pioneer in aluminium flat rolled products in India.

Hindalco Taloja caters to a wide spectrum of end users, with over 25 per cent of its production reaching out to customers in 64 countries. It contributes to one fourth of Hindalco’s total rolled products’ volume and 20 per cent of its output is made for lithographic applications.

The Taloja facility works in partnership with Hindalco’s global subsidiary Novelis, to meet world-class standards in quality and hygiene, and commands a leadership position in the domestic market for its specialised product portfolio. It enjoys the highest market share in India for litho sheets, foilstock, closure stock, auto finstock, lamp caps and aluminium composite panels.

The 62-acre Taloja campus includes a re-melt plant, a hot mill, two cold mills, finishing equipment and other auxiliary and supporting equipment. The country’s first aluminium scrap recycling facility was set up at Taloja in 1996, with current capacity of producing 20,000 tonnes recycled metal from scrap. The NABL-accredited Taloja R&D Centre specialises in R&D and analytical services in the fields of oils, lubricants and metallurgy. It also provides environmental services and serves as a technical information centre for semi-fabs.

Hindalco Taloja has a multi-skilled workforce and experienced management team. The Integrated Management System (IMS), accreditation by BVC combines the ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 into a holistic management approach to provide better value to stakeholders through focused review and improvement across the entire gamut of Taloja’s operations.

Its 40-acre colony for employees houses 90 residential quarters, located adjacent to the plant. A dedicated occupational health centre serves the needs of its employees, while the unit also plays an active role through health and sustainability initiatives for the surrounding community.