Located in Ernakulum district of Kerala, Hindalco Alupuram Works was set up in 1938. It was here that the country's first aluminium ingot was produced at the Alupuram smelter in 1943. The smelter has since been shut down but the Alupuram Extrusions unit currently operates at a capacity of 8,000 tonnes per annum. The plant is equipped with two extrusion presses, solutionising furnaces and heat treatment facility. It also has a state-of-the art packing facility.

Its library of dies has the widest range of shapes and alloys, offering customers — architectural profiles, geometrical shapes, busbar tubes/channels/flats; motor/pump body, bus structurals, railway wagons, bicycle frames, knitting needles, solar panels, furniture, MaxloaderTM: aluminium truck body, and hard alloys for defence and marine applications.

Residential colonies for workmen and staff members include recreational club facilities, where families get together for sports, fitness and cultural activities.