Sustainable Mining

At Hindalco, we believe in responsible and sustainable business practices in our quest to move ahead on the path of a Resilient, Responsible and Reliable future. 

We created the Sustainable Mining organisation within the Mining & Minerals Business to focus on sustainable mining practices for responsible sourcing of bauxite and coal from our captive mines. The dedicated team of Sustainable Mining organisation has, through sustained effort, developed the Sustainable Mining Charter. The Charter will help our mining teams appreciate the impact of mining operations on environmental and socio-economic aspects through a detailed system-thinking approach. This document will also guide them to implement sustainable mining practices across the life of the mines and help move towards adding net value to the ecosystem. 

While the frameworks prescribed in this Charter document are for use across different mines of Hindalco [could be used by any other entity engaged in extractive mining], we will consider the Charter as our guiding document for sustainable mining practices.

Sustainable Mining Charter

Sustainable Mining Charter Part A

Sustainable Mining Charter Part B