Aluminium Foil Applications

Hindalco's packaging solutions and impressive range of end products are well-accepted all over the world. A one-stop-shop, Hindalco delivers versatile solutions for multiple applications.Hindalcos aluminium foil and packaging solutions:

Light Gauge Foil:
Light Gauge Foil will be available in the  range from 6.35 micron upwards to 15 Microns. Widths can vary as per market requirements.
Medium Gauge Foil
Medium Gauge foil for Pharmaceutical & Non Pharma applications from 50 Mic. to 20 Mic.
Cigarette foil
Cigarette foil for inner packing of cigarettes is offered in 7-micron thick soft foil laminated to paper. Foil can be silver or gold lacquered in matte of bright finish as per customer requirement
Strip packing
25/30/40-micron thick, soft foil either laminated to low density polyethylene or coated with heat seal laquer (HSL) for sealing as per customer need.
Blister packing
20/25/30-micron thick, hard foil coated with heat seal laquer of varied grammages. Compatible with PVC.
House foil and semi rigid containers
Household foil is available in a range from 10 micron upwards. Widths can vary as per market requirements. Semi rigid containers are available in a range of sizes and shapes.