Aluminium foil and packaging

Hindalco is India’s premier foil and foil laminates supplier in different variants – plain, laminated, lacquered and printed which are used for various packaging applications. Hindalco has a modern and well-equipped facility at Mouda near Nagpur in Maharashtra. The state-of-the-art foil rolling facility incorporates the latest technology and offers a wide range of quality foils upto a thickness of 6 micron.

Mouda facility has a casting facility where cold aluminium is molten, cast and rolled to make foil. The three German mills at Mouda are fitted with  “Automatic Shape & Gauge controls” for delivering high quality output and are capable of meeting requirements of sophisticated end applications. The mills operate at high speeds and have capability to offer foil in widths upto 1,620 mm. Support facilities ensure an environment friendly manufacturing process. A well-equipped laboratory along with stringent process controls, together ensure the right quality at every stage of manufacturing.

Jumbo reels of our 10 mic to 18 mic foil are used as stock for manufacturing House Foil rolls. SRC stock in various thicknesses and widths is offered for manufacturing semi-rigid-containers.

Hindalco has its own well established and widely distributed brands of house foil - “Freshwrapp” and “Superwrap”.

Hindalco also has a state-of-the-art paper laminator which uses solvent-less glue lamination as well as water based  ink coating technology. From this laminator Hindalco offers contemporary quality, environment friendly, plain and coloured cigarette coil laminates.We also offer pharmaceutical foil laminated, coated and printed - for strip packing and blister packing of tablets.

Our entire range of products are not only well accepted in India but are also exported to several countries regularly.

Quality control

As a 'global packaging portal', Hindalco maintains and develops quality through a pragmatic and commercial approach towards research and innovation. That assures our customers the best value for their money.

Quality (ISO 9001) and Environment (ISO 14001) certifications, coupled with the experience and expertise culled over several decades, enables our foil and packaging business to compete aggressively in domestic and global markets.

We also have a DMF number (Drug Master File) issued by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for pharmaceutical packaging.

All three units have well-equipped laboratories with testing instruments and capabilities such as contact angle measurement, an Erichsen Cupping Test Machine, an impact tester, Measurex, infrared spectrophotometry, and computerised colourimetry. Thus, we are equipped with diversified facilities for long-term development under one roof.

To be at par with the latest manufacturing trends, our products are backed by end-to-end technologies that ensure superior quality and long-term sustainability in a rapidly changing industry.

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