Litho stock


Hindalco meets international standards in the manufacture of litho stock used for high-quality reproduction needs in offset printing.

Rolled from scalped ingots using sophisticated, state-of-the-art rolling facilities for shape and gauge control, Hindalco's litho stock is tension levelled to ensure flatness and then solvent cleaned to remove excess oil and loosen aluminium fines.

It is available in sheet and coil forms.

Parameter Range Tolerance
Thickness (mm) 0.18 — 0.40 +/-0.01
Width (mm) 640 — 1150 +/-1
Length (mm) 400 — 1800 +/-1
Diagonal difference (mm) 1 -
Coil I.D (metal / paper core) 508 -
Coil density (kg/mm) 3.2 max -
Surface quality is suitable for electro-graining, free from surface scratches and dents. Material of width <1067mm shall be solvent treated.
Offer for thickness, width and length outside the range may be quoted on specific request.

Mechanical properties
Alloy Temper UTS (mpa) %E (min) (at 50 mm gauge length)
Min Max
1050 H14 95 135 1
1050 H18 135 180 1

Chemical composition
Alloy (%) AA 1050
Fe 0.40
Si 0.25
Mg 0.05
Mn 0.05
Cu 0.05
Zn 0.05
Ti 0.03
Cr  -
Each (Others) 0.03
Total (Others) -
Al 99.50
Single number indicates maximum content.

Both sheet and coil are wrapped with polylined bitumen gunny and hardboard and placed on a pallet.

Applications :
  • Offset printing plates