Leadership development

Our vision
  • To identify, build and nurture talent across the company to deliver superior business results and address individual career aspirations
  • To be at the top in best-in-class leadership development practices and execution capabilities
Our philosophy
  • All employees have potential which can be harnessed
  • Leadership potential is not fixed and can be developed
  • We will invest differentially in talent and help our managers realise their career aspirations
  • The primary ownership of development rests with the individual
  • We will create appropriate development opportunities to enable employees to harness and optimise their capabilities and grow in their careers
  • We will adopt structured processes and practices to develop a leadership pipeline for business needs
Our belief
  • Talent looks for growth — provide opportunities at the right time
  • Leadership competencies/requirements have to be viewed in context
  • Have appropriate rewards and recognition in place
  • Top management and business leaders should drive processes — not HR alone
  • Leaders developed and positioned at key positions build credibility
  • Demand will outstrip supply — build the pipeline
  • Instil a deep commitment to talent throughout the organisation, starting at the top
  • Embed a talent strategy in the overall business strategy
  • Convincing employees of commitment to their development is critical to engagement and performance
  • Line managers control most of the drivers of performance and retention
Your gain
  • Career: Opportunities to build and fulfill career aspirations
  • Learning and development: Opportunities to learn, develop and grow as professionals
  • Rewards and recognition: Opportunities to get rewarded and recognised for commitment and contribution
  • Enrich your life: Opportunities to fulfill responsibilities and lead a healthy balanced life