Growth propelled through our emphasis on Digital and ESG.

Over the years, Hindalco has built a responsible, resilient and agile business, making great strides in our journey towards a greener, stronger and smarter future. Guided by our strong risk management practices we have responded seamlessly to challenges during the pandemic and thrived in a world rife with the uncertainties.

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Our Businesses at a Glance

Hindalco Industries Limited is the metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group.

We are the world’s largest aluminium rolling and recycling company. One of Asia’s largest producers of primary aluminium (Ex. China), we are also the largest aluminium downstream player in India providing customised solutions in flat rolled products and extruded aluminium solutions.

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Products and Markets: Our Diversified Offerings

We are an industry leader operating in mainly three business verticals- aluminium, copper, and chemicals. More details of our assets and offerings can be found in the manufactured capital in later chapters.


  • Primary aluminium
  • Aluminim value added - Flat Rolled Products (FRP) - Extrusions - Foils and packaging solutions
  • Metallurgical alumina


  • Cathodes
  • Continuous Cast Rods (CCR)
  • Gold and Silver
  • By-products - Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) - Sulphuric acid


  • Calcined alumina
  • Alumina hydrate
Digitalisation at Hindalco


70+ across value chain


Driving downstream manufacturing processes through Industrial IoT


End-to-end digitisation at 7 locations using AI platform, Logistics Insights Tower


Multiple Machine Learning models and Digital Twin solutions to improve core metrics by up to 1%


L2 integration, Historian systems etc. to ensure Basic infra at all locations


Rapid deployment of AR during early days of COVID in response to travel restrictions resulting in seamless operations


Predictive Asset Maintenance at 5 locations for 200+ Assets


RPA and Drones eliminating repetitive activities resulting in 1,000’s of hours saved


Machine Learning based Price Forecasting Models for market shocks


Integrated Digital Safety solution through VEDA, Confined Space monitoring and sensors


Reached 2,000+ employees through the DISHA programme and created 175+ Citizen Data Scientists

Message from the Chairman

Dear Shareholders,

For many years, we have been talking about increasing volatility and unpredictability. The events of the last 24 months have heralded a new era of uncertainty where both the amplitude and frequency of shifts have vastly exceeded anything we have seen in recent decades.

The unprecedented pandemic was followed by supply chain whiplash, and further disruption was brought on by the Russia-Ukraine war. We are now staring at the spectre of a high-interest rate and high-inflation regime globally.

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Message from the Managing Director

Dear Shareholders,

In a globalised marketplace, the industry is increasingly prone to extreme disruptions.In recent times, we have already witnessed the volatility associated with global pandemics, climate events and war. At Hindalco, and the Aditya Birla Group at large, the organisational ethos is built on resilience and willingness to take on all challenges. There is another credo equally at play – our ability to welcome change. To anticipate the rising of a new age, replete with new ideas. To embrace new paradigms and the opportunities that arise. That is the essence of sustain-ability at Hindalco.

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ESG Highlights
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  • Energy and GHG Emissions Management
  • Water Management
  • Waste and Hazardous Material Management
  • Air Emissions
  • Compliance Management


  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Employee well-being
  • Community Relations
  • Security and Human Rights


  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Economic Performance
  • R&D Innovation and Technology
  • Compliance Management
Our Business Model

Our business model represents the way our business manages resources for long-term value creation. It is a gear that converts inputs into outcomes and outputs and helps us manufacture materials that make the world greener, smarter, and stronger.

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* The details provided are for Hindalco India operations

Key Financial Highlights (Consolidated)
Our Capitals

Financial Capital

Strong, Consistent Performance

Hindalco delivered an exceptional financial performance despite headwinds from rising input costs, pandemic-related disruptions and global inflationary pressures.

Key Highlights

`30,056 CR#


`13,730 CR


`16,838 CR

Operating Cash Flow

`1.36 x


#Exceptional Income/(Expenses) for the the year ended 31st March, 2022, exclude `418 Crore, which represents the principal portion of (a) PIS/ COFINS related tax credit income in Brazil of `358 Crore (net of litigation cost of `9 Crore) and (b) tax rebates for sales to Manaus, Brazilian Free Trade Zone of `60 Crore, as it is included in the results of Novelis segment and is part of EBITDA

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Manufactured Capital

Striving for excellence with a vision to lead the aluminium industry as the partner of choice for innovative solutions.

Key Highlights


Manufacturing units in India


Operational Bauxite mines


facilities acquired - Asoj (Cu CC Rods) and Kuppam (Al extrusions


overseas units of Novelis


Operational captive Coal mines

500 kt

Alumina Utkal brownfield expansion completed
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Human Capital

Nurturing our talent

Our people are our biggest asset and the key drivers in our journey towards building a Greener, Stronger and Smarter future. They have delivered seamlessly with resilience, passion, empathy, care, and speed throughout the pandemic and continue to do so.

Key Highlights

7.22 %

Women employees

`10.5 CR

Investment in trainings and skill development


New hires

3.5 MN

Training hours
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Intellectual Capital

Turning new ideas into possibilities

Aluminium and copper offer endless possibilities for creating new shapes and forms, unlocking the potential of technology. Our R&D efforts are two pronged. We tap internal expertise in product development, manufacturing, design; and we partner with recognised institutions to meet the fast-growing demand for new-age products.

Key Highlights


Patents filed


Patents granted

`716 CR

Research and Development (R&D) investments


New products and applications developed
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Natural Capital

Conserving, Preserving and Restoring

In alignment with our strategic priority for strong ESG Commitment, we were able to position ourselves as an industry leader in aluminium in the S&P Global Dow Jones Sustainability Index Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2021, for the second consecutive year.

Key Highlights


Increase of renewable energy installed capacity from FY2020-21


Reduction in specific GHG emissions for aluminium from base year FY2011-12


Reduction in specific energy consumption for aluminium from base year FY2011-12


Waste utilisation with 6 basis points increase from FY2020-21
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Social and Relationship Capital

Partnerships that drive growth

Unleashing the potential of people and creating value for our communities is one of our top most priority. Over the years, Hindalco has built strong partnerships with its stakeholders based on mutual trust and respect.

Key Highlights

`87.6 CR

Community expenditure

1.26+ MN

Lives touched


Number of suppliers

1,48,236 CR

Procurement spend
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Our Strategic Priorities

At Hindalco, our sharp focus on key strategic priorities has helped us showcase best ever financial and operational performance.

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Building Resilience

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world, no individual or organisation can predict the ‘Unknowns’. But organisations need to prepare for an uncertain and volatile future.

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Materiality Assessment

Materiality assessment helps us in identifying, refining and assessing potential environmental, social and governance issues that could have an impact on our business, and are of interest to our stakeholders.

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