Hindalco announces Q3FY 2014-15 standalone results (unaudited)

12 February 2015

  • Excellent operational performance in both Aluminium and Copper Businesses

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  Vs. Q3 FY14
Revenues Rs. 8,603 crore 18%
PBITDA Rs. 1,135 crore 36%
Profit After Tax Rs. 359 crore 8 %
Financial Highlights

(In Rs. crore) Q3FY15 Q2FY15 Q3FY14 9MFY15 9MFY14
Revenue from operations 8,603 8,554 7,273 25,153 19,416
EBITDA 923 898 630 2,569 1,647
Other income 212 223 204 652 912
PBITDA 1,135 1,121 834 3,221 2,559
Depreciation 216 196 200 599 579
Finance costs 447 386 165 1,171 497
Profit before tax before exceptional item 472 539 440 1,451 1,483
Exceptional Item - 431 - 431 -
Profit after Exceptional Item 472 108 469 1,020 1,483
Tax expenses 113 29 135 254 318
Net profit 359 79 334 766 1,165
Basic EPS (not annualised) 1.74 0.38 1.62 3.71 5.91

Hindalco the Aditya Birla Group flagship company, announced its unaudited results for the quarter ended 31 December 2014.

Net sales stood at Rs.8,603 crore as compared to Rs.7,273 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Profit before Interest, Depreciation and Tax (PBITDA) was Rs.1,135 crore versus Rs.834 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. However, finance cost and depreciation were significantly higher compared to Q3FY14 due to progressive capitalisation of the company’s greenfield projects. As a result, net profit was only 7.5 per cent higher at Rs.359 crore vs. Rs.334 crore in Q3FY14.

Higher sales reflect increased volume and better realisation in both Aluminium and Copper Businesses. PBITDA for the quarter improved by 36 per cent to Rs.1,135 crore.

Of the total revenue of Rs.8,603 crore, Aluminium Business contributed Rs.3,636 crore vs. Rs.2,471 crore in Q3FY14. The higher revenue is attributable to higher volume and higher realisation. As a result, the segment results of Aluminium Business went up from Rs.170 crore in Q3FY14 to Rs.384 crore in Q3FY15. In the Copper Business, revenue stood at Rs.4,976 crore compared to Rs.4,817 crore in Q3FY14. The performance of the Copper Business reflected enhanced volume, better TcRc and improved by-product credit. The segment results rose from Rs.300 crore in Q3FY14 to Rs.396 crore in Q3FY15.

Operational review
Metal production was up 37 per cent to 217 Kt vs. 158 Kt in Q3FY14, consequent to the ongoing ramp-up at Mahan smelter and Aditya smelter. On a sequential basis, the metal production is up by 16 per cent.

Alumina production (including Utkal) was up by 38 per cent to 593 Kt over Q3FY14. The standalone results do not include the performance of Utkal Alumina refinery, as it is a subsidiary of the company.

Coal availability is posing a significant challenge for ongoing pot ramp-up at the upcoming Mahan and Aditya smelters.

The downstream value added production was impacted by adverse market demand conditions.

Cathode production was higher at 95 Kt as against 89 Kt in Q3FY14 (vs. 96 Kt in Q2FY15). Value added CC rods production was at 36 Kt compared to 34 Kt in Q3FY14.

In conclusion, the core operational performance of the company in terms of volume is showing a remarkable improvement. Coal availability is impacting the pace of ramp-up in greenfield aluminium projects. With the coal auction planned shortly, the company is looking forward to a faster resolution to the coal availability issue.

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